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Discover the Benefits of

BioSynchronistics® for Pregnancy

BioSynchronistics® (Bio) uses gravity and physics to realign the body. It is profoundly effective during pregnancy to combat the accelerated and drastic gravitational changes that take place during pregnancy, while remaining gentle in touch.


Here is an example of the gravitational changes that take place during pregnancy and the common symptoms that occur as a result:

  • Your center of gravity (COG) shifts upward and forward due to the enlargement of the uterus and breasts. This COG shift moves away from one’s base of support (BOS) which requires a tremendous amount of compensation from the muscular and fascial system.

  • The lumbar (low back), thoracic (mid back) and cervical (neck) spinal curves increase which results in compression and shortening of the skeletal system. Knees hyperextend (bend backwards or lock) and this creates an exaggerated anterior pelvic tilt (see diagram) and changes in the thoracolumbar fascia (see diagram) This has a direct effect on the room for baby in the uterus by decreasing the available space. When baby doesn’t have adequate room this can lead to pain and a variety of other symptoms such as difficulty breathing, heartburn, constipation, numbness, sinus congestion, reflux etc.

  • The shoulder girdle and upper back become rounded with scapular protraction (shoulder blades move away from spine) and upper extremity internal rotation because of breast enlargement. The postural tendency persists with postpartum positioning for infant care.

  • The suboccipital (base of skull where it meets the neck) muscles tighten which leads to an increase in forward head posture along with the changes in shoulder alignment.

  • Weight shifts toward the heels to counterbalance the growing uterus in attempt to bring the COG to a more posterior position. This increases tension on the hamstrings and posterior fascial chain and causes further compression through the trunk.

  • Due to all the alignment changes, balance is lessened and therefore one must walk with a wider BOS and increased external rotation at the hips. AKA “the waddle”.

  • In addition to the gravitational changes taking place, the ligaments supporting the joints of the body are becoming lax/loose in preparation for delivery (particularly in the hips and pelvis- the sacroiliac joints and pubic symphysis joint). This creates further instability of the joints that not only predisposes to increased risk for injury, but also causes increased compensation from the structural and fascial system. Increase in ligament laxity = increase in muscle activation = increase in fascial tension = increase in fatigue = all resulting in decreased freedom of movement for mom AND BABY.

AKPTW Horizontal Trans.png

*This image depicts the gravitational affects of pregnancy to your body.

Seize the Glow

Biosynchronistics can be useful for remedying common discomforts like back pain or for enhancing your body's ability to have a smoother pregnancy and birth. Talk to us about incorporating Biosynchronistics into your prenatal and postpartum care and seize the glow of a healthy, happy



In the Words of Others

"I have benefited from Biosynchronistics during and after all three of my pregnancies. I credit this work with allowing me to remain both active AND comfortable  - incredible gifts during such a difficult physical transformation!  

Holly was my provider for the past two pregnancies and I can't say enough good things about her as a person and a professional. She has an incredible intuitive sense but also tons of great information and pragmatic suggestions to pass along. I have and would recommend her to anyone struggling with pregnancy aches and pains. I'm incredibly grateful I was able to stay healthy for my births and keep up a pain-free fitness routine -

an essential piece of my mental health and self-care."

— Angela H., Bio Prenatal Patient

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