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transform. heal. live.

Alaska PT + Wellness, LLC offers one on one hands-on Physical Therapy specializing in BioSynchronistics, an integrative manual therapy technique that utilizes gravity and fascial release to provide lasting pain relief.


Traditional physical therapy techniques enhanced with a holistic approach and the body’s inherent ability to heal itself.


Discover a gentle, hands-on approach to bring about full-body alignment and balance.

Prenatal and

Postpartum Care

Combat the drastic (and sometimes painful) gravitational changes that take place during pregnancy with the gentle, but effective, touch of BioSynchronistics®.

A whole new approach to PRENATAL and POSTPARTUM

well being.

New Patient Info

AKPTW's effective, innovative and personalized approach delivers the highest quality patient experience while helping you exceed your health goals and take back your life.

Now accepting new patients.

Holly talks BioSynchronistics®...

"Our bodies are made up of numerous intricate parts that rely on each other to function effectively and efficiently while under the force of gravity. When one part goes awry, there is a trickle effect to other parts of our bodies and things can begin to break down. This can lead to pain, fatigue, and loss of function. I like to think of my 3-year old son’s building blocks, as an example. If a bottom block/segment is slightly off balance, what happens to the tower? "...


Holly McClure, Owner and Physical Therapist


In the Words of Others

"I have benefited from Biosynchronistics during and after all three of my pregnancies. I credit this work with allowing me to remain both active AND comfortable  - incredible gifts during such a difficult physical transformation!  


Holly was my provider for the past two pregnancies and I can't say enough good things about her as a person and a professional. She has an incredible intuitive sense but also tons of great information and pragmatic suggestions to pass along. I have and would recommend her to anyone struggling with pregnancy aches and pains. I'm incredibly grateful I was able to stay healthy for my births and keep up a pain-free fitness routine -

an essential piece of my mental health and self-care."

— Angela H., Bio Prenatal Patient

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