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Why Physical Therapy?

At AKPTW, we believe in the effectiveness of functional physical therapy. This means breaking your activities, whether work or play, into specific movement patterns. These patterns will be used to direct your treatment. Getting you back into your life as quickly and safely as possible is our main goal.


Whether you were injured in the garden, taking a hike or on the job; you can benefit from physical therapy. Your care is always top priority with us.

We believe every injury and every patient is unique. During your initial evaluation we take the time to assess not only your area of pain but the body as a whole.  Our goal is not just treat your symptoms but find the cause of your dysfunction.

During your evaluation you will be given an individualized plan of care.  This includes for you a description of your diagnosis, your treatment plan, a home plan, your goals, and what to expect after your treatment sessions.  

Your body spends its day trying to hold you together, restricting motion, tightening muscles, pulling you back in. Physical therapy launches you back into your life, propelling you forward with the newfound energy that comes from your body moving, working and feeling exactly the way it should. 

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