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BioSynchronistics®: It’s all about Physics.


"Our bodies are made up of numerous intricate parts that rely on each other to function effectively and efficiently while under the force of gravity. When one part goes awry, there is a trickle effect to other parts of our bodies and things can begin to break down. This can lead to pain, fatigue, and loss of function.


I like to think of my 3-year old son’s building blocks, as an example. If a bottom block/segment is slightly off balance, what happens to the tower? Other blocks above have to be rearranged in order maintain upright position, or it crashes. Our bodies are strikingly similar, and our “building blocks” are balanced over a very small base of support- our feet.


This means we can have shoulder pain that is a result of a misaligned pelvis, or even a leg! Viewing the body from this perspective allows us to approach the healing mechanism from a profound place of transformation. How about another example: imagine cracks in the walls of your house due to an unlevel foundation.


Are you going to repair the cracks in the walls, ignore the foundation, and expect the cracks to not return? Certainly not. Yet in the medical field, mostly due to insurance regulations, we are expected to look at the body in terms of 'parts' instead of a 'whole.'


BioSynchronistics  addresses the source of the problem, relies on the body’s own self healing mechanism, and rebalances the segments to allow freedom of movement and freedom from injury. It does so using a very gentle approach that is quick, noninvasive, and profound, to say the least.


BioSynchronistics takes into account the force of gravity and its effect on our structure, and uses fulcrums and levers (aka PHYSICS!) to realign, rebalance, and return the body to a place of synchronicity."


~ Holly McClure, Owner/Physical Therapist

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Meet Holly

Owner/Physical Therapist


1999 - 2003

West Texas A&M University

Bachelor of Health Sciences 1999-2003

2003 - 2006

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

Masters of Physical Therapy - Alpha Eta Honor Society



2006 - 2014

Anchorage Fracture and Orthopedic Clinic

2014 - 2021

Revolution Sport & Spine, Homer

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