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Establishing an ESI Wellness Pilot Program

is as EASY as 1-2-3!

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Schedule an on-site ESI Wellness Program presentation 


Leverage reference list to speak with other companies currently utilizing the program


Go live with the ESI Wellness  Program 

Most companies begin with a 12-week ESI Wellness Pilot Program, which allows the company to participate in the program for a finite period to assess the results of the program and the return on investment, prior to making a long-term commitment.

Our basic formula for utilization is simple:

  • 4 hours of service per 100 employees. 

  • 1 hour of service allows for three (3) 20-minute appointments.

  • For example, a company with 250 employees would need 10 hours of service per week, which would equate to 30 appointments per week.

Step 1

Contact us to set up an onsite ESI Wellness Presentation to management team or individual contributor (EHS, HR).


Step 2

Utilize reference list of partnering companies and/or union representatives who have participated and experienced the ESI Wellness Program. We encourage companies who are thinking about implementing a Pilot Program visit and speak with other companies who utilize the program. ESI Wellness can help set up and organize the interaction if needed.

How is the Program Implemented?


Step 3

The official ESI Wellness rollout process consists of two onsite rollout meetings.​

  • One for management/supervisors

  • One for employees 

Often, the employee rollout presentation is broken up into multiple meetings to help keep downtime at a minimum. The employee rollout presentation is an abbreviated version of the presentation for management and can be conducted on-the-floor or in a conference room.

During the employee rollout meetings we begin to collect registration forms for those who volunteer to participate in the program. This helps populate the first week’s schedule, so we can hit the ground running with a full schedule.  

Interested in introducing the ESI Wellness Program to your employees?  Do you have additional questions or concerns? Feel free to reach out. 

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